My Diary for my last Month in Milton Kenyes 
week one
daydatestart finish 
Monday31st 08.00 am midnight 
Tuesday01 st 08.00 am midnight 
Wednesday02nd08.00 am midnight 
Thursday 03rd08.00 am midnight 
Friday 04 th 08.00 am 01.00 am
Saturday05th 08.00 am 01.00 am 
Sunday 06th 08.00 am 01.00 am 
week 2
daydate start finish 
Monday07th 08.00 am midnight 
Tuesday 08th 08.0 am midnight 
Wednesday 09th 08.00 am midnight 
Thursday 10th 08.00 am midnight 
Friday 11th 08.00 am midnight 
Saturday 12th 08.00 am midnight 
Sunday 13th 08.00 am midnight 
week 3
Monday 14 th 08.00 am midnight 
Tuesday15th 08.00 am midnight 
Wednesday 16th 08. am midnight 
Thursday 17th 08.00 am midnight 
Friday 18th 08.00 am midnight 
Saturday 19th 08.00 am midnight 
Sunday 20th 08.00 am midnight 


Thank you for taking the time to read it, I very much appreciate it 
Love Jade xxx 


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